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Default Re: Alvin Gentry and the Suns agree to part ways

Originally Posted by wagexslave
I think having a motivated new head coach like Dan Majerle(who I expect the Suns to hire as interim head coach) might do wonders for Dragic and inject some new confidence in him. Dragic NEEDS to be the leader of this team. Dragic seeing Majerle step up and grab a hold of the team and assert himself as the new coach leadership role could possibly be an influence on Dragic to do the same and step up asserting himself as the leader of his teammates. If he does, I expect him to focus on playmaking more(rather than passing it to defended teammates and letting them do what they want with it), especially late in game. As I said before, Gentry was terrible late in games. The offense he would have the team run was sad. Maybe with a new coach would come new and improved clutch playcalling and thus more assists per game? That would be nice.

But even better would be if the new coach had confidence in Dragic himself to put the ball in the hoop late in games. Because he's shown some quite AMAZING flashes of being clutch in the past.(Destroyed San Antonio in the 4th quarter of the playoffs... one of the most dominant clutch playoff performances I can remember, dagger after dagger) I think Gentry has really under-utilized him as a scorer this season. He's capable of doings some amazing things. Hopefully the new coach will trust him to be that "go-to" guy more often and it could result in more PPG.

Just gotta hope for the best though. Dragic is probably my favorite player on the team right now(although Tucker has became a favorite of mine too this year with his hustle), and I do believe he will continue to grow into this leadership role and start to put up some bigger numbers as the year goes on. Only time will tell though I suppose.

Man the Suns have been confusing you know I thought Dragic would be a Steve Nash lite(obviously not as good) but it's baffling that a head coach wouldn't give him full control of the offense and just let him do his thing. The Suns have some good system players like Dudley, Gortat, Scola.
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