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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by GOBB
Find me a story like this where a high profile sports athlete was duped by not only calling a female he never met his girlfriend. But going as far as to say I love her? Its not surprising someone could get duped on the internet. Its been done, continues to be done. I dont need to watch Catfish to know about getting duped because I was on a messageboard where a female did this exact same thing. She was from Australia. Thing is she has new photos and everything. Had guys really interested in her, one going as far as to purchase a ticket to go meet this brawd until she made up a story he had to cancel. Then a couple peoples exposed the hell out of her. Irrelevant story short. To the normal human beings? Far from surprising.

When it involves a high profile athlete? It makes you wonder how its possible. It also makes you wonder what kind of guy Teo is that he has p*ssy at his fingertips yet chooses this anonymous females he never met to be his girl. All over campus, around campus, traveling cities. All types of social functions. Females everywhere and he is the popular jock. Yet he gets duped? To the point he loved her and shed tears talkin about her? Come on man.

What next Kevin Durant comes out and shares how he was duped last season the same way as Teo?

Him being an NFL prospect certainly makes it a story. I don't see how being a College athlete makes him less likely to be duped online, especially with an elaborate hoax perpetrated by 3 or more people.

And what does being a popular jock have to do with anything? Just because he had some online gf, doesn't mean he wasn't bangin random broads on the side.

As for pro athletes being duped, I'm sure it happens all the time. How many pro athletes accidentally end up in bed with trannies on road trips? I would guess more than a handful every year.
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