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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by Toni
I'm almost in last place but I'm always participating and setting my rosters every day, as well as stay active in trades. I'm just having some really bad luck with my keepers and I didn't draft well at all this season. But if that's what you guys decide than I'll maybe have to sit a year out.

But that also affects the whole notion of planning your team for next season and trying to obtain keepers to make your team better for the future.

Maybe a better idea as well as dropping the amount of keepers to 3, is to reverse the draft order so that the last place team gets 1st overall pick and so forth. This will help the league be more competitive and probably prevent guys like RF being 1st place year after year. Just a thought.

Think your missing the point a bit. The bottom three will be in the 'hot seat' not necessarily cut from the league. If your active you'll never get cut.

Think the rule is more for nonactive managers.
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