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Default Re: KG is the dirtiest player in NBA History

Originally Posted by SCdac
inb4 young fans start incorrectly throwing Bowen's name around

as for who is, I'd say Malone is up there too with the bad boy pistons

Come on man...Bowen was a dirty player. He kicked TWO different people in the face, like flying across the court. As a Heat and as a Spur. He'd get under your ankles and he was dirty all-around. Nothing incorrect about it. Bowen was a very dirty player, absolutely.

Now, so was Malone. That's a good kick there and it's making me laugh. But he was just nasty. He'd take cheap shots under the basket, would hit little guys in the air (The Isiah one stands out). I was a big fan, but as a kid you don't always recognize dirtiness like Malone's.
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