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Default Re: Scaled Images of Wilt/Dwight/McGee etc wingspans and height w/o shoes:

nice pics, but do you have proof that Wilt is over 7'1" barefeet?

btw Pre draft measurements might be true at the time, but not necessarily true today, players might grow 1 inch or so since the draft, specially high school players. also measurements around or before early 2000's seems not as organized, today's measurements would measure both height with or without shoes, but back then some of the measurements or missing, could be mixed up or something.

Dwight Howard is the same height as Chris Bosh on Team USA, he's around 6'11" with shoes on, makes him taller than his predraft measurements.

when you put pics of players together, make sure the camera angle and posture are all similar, or else it could make the comparison inaccurate, I made this photo to compare standing reaches back then:

my conclusion was Yao has the highest standing reach, 295+(over 9'8"), then Mutombo close to 9'8", Chandler and McGee were measured. Gasol and Shaq both around 9'6.5"-9'7".

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