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Default How I can be sold on this team....

I agree with ClutchOver9000 that Melo needs a running mate.

Stat has to be that player. I know he is still rounding into shape and getting his timing. This team has to be an inside out team and penetration kick out team. This is the first way I see this team as being legit. If Stat can be 15/7 its a good start. I will rip into this dude from February on if I dont see some improvement! This team will fail without him being better unless its Shump.

Shump can not be an 8 point player in the starting lineup. If he is then this team becomes a grind it out grunt type of team. Some nights they will have to win durty but that would mean Melo is getting relied on too much its about preservation. If Stat cant be that studd can this guy be it? No he isnt that dynamic or efficient enough player but someone will have to be it along with JR.

Melo needs to play the 3. He is doing an admirable job and I liked for the most part his effort but the Knicks need a better rebounding/defensive presence at the position. Maybe the Knicks can acquire this piece but its painfully obvious that its currently not healthy on this roster.

Felton can keep Tyson, and all other role players happy with decent looks. JR can still be what he is now. I think Felton is fine if he plays within himself.

I dont want to rely on Kidd, Pablo, Novak, Cope, Camby, Sheed, Brewer, etc.... At this point these guys either cant get it done nightly or consistently enough. Cope to me has major upside if he puts in the work and the Knicks invest time into him even at 28.

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