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Default Re: Alvin Gentry and the Suns agree to part ways

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
Man the Suns have been confusing you know I thought Dragic would be a Steve Nash lite(obviously not as good) but it's baffling that a head coach wouldn't give him full control of the offense and just let him do his thing. The Suns have some good system players like Dudley, Gortat, Scola.
Yeah I do feel like Dragic might be close to as good as Steve some day, but it will take more time, developing, and maturing. Steve didn't become an MVP caliber player overnight. He had to grow up and learn to be a leader and got better and better with age and maturing. I see Dragic as that same kind of player... he shows some flashes of amazing, but just needs to grow into that leader role. It might take a while before he really starts to flourish.

And they do have some good role players for sure, but not having a go-to scorer really kills them lately. They desperately need to make a trade for someone who can score 20+ ppg(good efficient shooting) on a regular basis. Or they need to make more moves during free agency. Or PRAY that they find a gem in the draft. Whatever the case is, they need a legit go-to scorer.
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