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Default Re: Alvin Gentry and the Suns agree to part ways

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
But tbh I kinda feel bad for Suns fans, its clearly the owner's fault that the title contender team fell apart, and now someone has to be the scapegoat when the owner himself should be the one to go. I bet many sun fans cant stand this trash right now, just like how we Nets fans hate Bruce Ratner for tearing the champion caliber team apart in 04.
you know its not all on sarver this time, gentry didnt get along with the GMs (Babby and Blanks)

I think the next person that must absolutely go is Blanks and I don't want anyone who has been associated with him or is one of his guys as the interim coach. I'd prefer hunter to coach for the rest of the year until we can get someone in the off season.

Also think Gortat or dragic if not both will be gone either at the trade deadline or the off season. A large part of why dragic signed here and took a pay cut was because of Gentry and I don't see him being happy after this and lets face it dragic, gortat, and dudley are the only trade pieces we have. Hope we can package beasley in a deal with any of them for young prospect + draft pick.

I don't complete hate babby because he is just the contract and money guy and Blanks is the one who goes after the "talent". The contracts were reasonable the talent just wasnt what was expected. But at the same time i'd be happy if both gms and sarver were gone its just not a reasonable expectation and i'd prefer blanks leaves first.
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