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Default Re: Alvin Gentry and the Suns agree to part ways

Originally Posted by Magic bird
The patience of Pheonix Fans is very admirable

How long have you been a fan?
I'm 23, lived in the Phoenix area my whole life.I've literally been a fan "as long as I can remember", since possibly my earliest memories that I can still recall to this day were about the Suns. I was just barely 3 years old when the Suns won the Western Conference championship in '93 I remember everyone celebrating, then when the Finals came I remember really hoping they would win.

My dad that year bought a couple of collectors 6 packs of glass Coca-Cola bottles commemorating the Suns season that year with Charles Barkley and Paul Westphal on the bottles and we still have the bottles(most of them are even still sealed with Coke inside lol). Every time I see them it flashes back memories of going to the store with my dad to buy them. And I'll always remember riding along with my dad to his best friend's house when I was really little as they would get together every week to watch the games and scream and cheer in front of the TV while me and his friend's kids would be running around the living room playing with toys lmao.

I always considered myself a fan of the home sports teams as a kid, mostly the Suns, but I never really followed sports on TV much(aside from seeing my dad watching it all the time). I think Marbury + Marion + Stat were on the team the first year I really started turning on the TV and just patiently watching entire regular season NBA games. One night I just turned on the TV flipping through channels and the Suns were on. And I was addicted to PLAYING basketball on the playgrounds at school as a kid compared to other sports, so for once I decided to TRULY pay attention to an entire NBA game, all by myself with no distractions, and I got hooked. I started catching every game I possibly could on TV after that. Then I got my dad back into the NBA again as well and we started watching and going to games together(he had been bitter towards the NBA because of the '98-'99 lockouts and had stopped watching for a few years). And there probably hasn't been a season since then where I've missed watching more than around 15-20 games out of the season.

So I'm ready to be a Suns fan til I die. It's just something that's left a huge impression on me as a person and I have so many good memories of the team, despite them never actually getting over the hump and winning it all. For real sports fans it's not all about the finish place, it's also about how much you enjoy the ride there. And I enjoy watching the Suns even though they're bad now. It sucks, but I've accepted that for them to get better in the long-term it's going to take some time. Not every team gets lucky like the Heat and can sign a bunch of Superstars in 1 offseason. Sometimes rebuilding processes take a long time.

So I've already realized that I'm going to have to have some patience and just hope they make the right moves. I think that letting go of Alvin Gentry right now truly was the right move for the team long term, but I'm hoping it wasn't done for the wrong reasons. I really just hope the management takes time hiring their next coach and makes sure the guy they hire is the right fit for the team.

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