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Default Re: I thught Chigaco was a horrible team with out Rose?

Originally Posted by secund2nun
Rose is yet another overrated peremiter player taking all of the credit for the main reason why his team wins: defense and rebounding....and Rose has nothing to do with that. Rose is unfairly giving all of the credit in the media's effort to artifically create a superstar in a big market. He is one of the most overrated players in the NBA. He is merely a very good, not great player....let alone MVP caliber player.

In 2011 when Chicago got to the ECF they got there with the #1 defense and #1 rebounding and #17 offense.
Rose had nothing to do with the defense and rebounding yet got all of the praise for carrying the mediocre offense with his 8-23 shooting games.

This, Rose was and will be one of the worst MVP of all time. He is a more likable Blake Griffin in point guard form. Very little actual skill compared to other superstars, a lot of atheleticism
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