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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Any rule that has an outcome on draft slot in a keeper league can basically be manipulated or used to a GMs advantage.

I still think 3 keepers and only keep first rounders once will have a big impact. Like FC for example would need to decide to keep a guy like Durant to try and win or trade I'm away coven dealing Durant for Lebron would have a big change to your team, so is it a good move. Guys will hold the studs to try and win, then they are back in for redraft.

As an add, we could put a first rounder keeper trade deadline as early then the normal trade deadline.
I feel you are unconciously biased in your favor when you change rules. With my rule (champion selects last in every round), we still probably be first and second each season, it's not too drastic, just keep the league competitive longer in the season. But you still prefer a rule that doesn't affect you, but will hurt me. Taking this into account, I hope this rule wouldn't be retroactive, I mean, it doesn't affect a player that is already acquired (I mean, Durant)
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