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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Who are your favorite draft prospects to watch that have any chance to be in the 20's as possible future Knicks? Of course it's got to be best player available, but I'd think ideally it would be a pf, c, or pg

Norman Powell 6-4 pg UCLA Reminds me of arenas as someone who's game fits the nba even better than ncaa. He might not even come out but if I was Knicks I'd give him a promise and hope no one else catches on

Kelly olynyk 7-0 Gonzaga. Starting to get a lot of attention, I think he will go back for his senior year but it would be nice to pick up a 7 footer though unlikely in the 20's

Elias Harris 6-8 sf Gonzaga. Position of least need, but very underrated right now
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