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Default Re: I thught Chigaco was a horrible team with out Rose?

Originally Posted by Pointguard
LOL, so holding a player down to 24% in the final two games, while carrying an inferior inexperienced team against a championship team to a seven game series and you saying Rondo outplayed him. Nobody in their right mind is going to say Rondo was close to Rose that year. Rose completely dominated him on top of that. Yes, at the level it wasn't considered close. Rose, when guarding him holds him down to some incredible embarrassing numbers - I mentioned three games in which he shot like 21% and averaged 6ppg in those games. And on offense Rondo has real big problems with containing Rose. Rose has three games where he shot like 60% and averaged 38ppg in those games. And this is from a sample size of less than 20 games and Rondo having a couple more years of experience.

Don't take one thing I say and say a bunch of bullshit. I never said that. And seriously, don't try and quote me and say that I did. I said that Rondo was better in the playoffs. And the point of my comment was that that WAS the only season where Rose has played better than Rondo. So, I'm most certainly understanding that Rose was better than Rondo that season.

In fact, Rose had a better regular season that year than Rondo has ever had (easy, as that was Rondo's best season).

Sometimes, you can't take the way someone plays in the playoffs as the absolute example of who is the better player. But Rondo does it every year. Look at the way he played against the Bulls in 08/09, averaging a monstrous triple-double and playing crazy defense, along with the way he played in the series that as lost to Orlando, and the way he played throughout the 2010 playoffs, and the way he played last year.

Rose has one season. If you want to see that one season as clear proof that Rose has more than Rondo, that's fine. I respect that. But it's hard to justify calling Rose the better player on the basis of that one season. It's the truth.
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