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Default Re: I thught Chigaco was a horrible team with out Rose?

Originally Posted by knickswin
I think Rose is very good but overrated. part of it is that he's a hero in chicago. there probably isn't an athlete in the country who's as loved by his city as derrick rose.
This is all true, but I wouldn't consider Rose overrated. He DOMINATED in 2011 and even parts of 2012 when healthy, especially against elite contemporaries at his position in mono y mono matchups, he turned up the juice and destroyed the likes of: CP3, Deron, Rondo, Tony Parker, etc. Rose really gets up for the big opponents. He even plays defense on an elite level v.s. those guys. He just slacks off and gets bored with average players, that's why Teague had so many good games v.s. him in the 2011 playoffs.

But when he's motivated, Rose actually is quite the defender. And his leaping ability has shown him to make GAME SAVING blocks on straight up jumpers. The guy is only 6 feet tall, and I've seen him block people's jumpers straight up who are 3 - 4 inches taller.

There is a pic I had of the Christmas Day game last year where Rose is about to get his finger tips on a Kobe jump shot, straight up. And you can see the dramatic difference in leap. All this and Rose really isn't someone built like Rondo w/ long arms and big hands. He actually has pretty stubby arms for a bball player. Pretty impressive the things he does athletically. Not to mention, Rose is flat out CLUTCH.

I don't think he's a smart guy by any means, but for the most part he makes solid basketball plays. And I consider him to be a better player than all the guys like: Deron, Westbrook, Tony Parker ... all with the exceptions of CP3 and Rondo because they bring a versatility and dominance to the game without having to be scorers.

You make it sound like Rose bball IQ is worse than Westbrook. Rose is much more coachable, better attitude, and a way better feel for the game. When to shoot, when to pass, and when to take over down the stretch. Westbrook makes bone head plays out of emotion on the regular. That's why Westbrook is such a crappy PG.
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