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Default Re: I thught Chigaco was a horrible team with out Rose?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Don't take one thing I say and say a bunch of bullshit. I never said that. And seriously, don't try and quote me and say that I did. I said that Rondo was better in the playoffs. And the point of my comment was that that WAS the only season where Rose has played better than Rondo. So, I'm most certainly understanding that Rose was better than Rondo that season.

Ohh ok, so he was better until he ran into Rose and Rose put the "D" on him crunch time in the playoffs. Is that better? Now, we're both happy???

Sometimes, you can't take the way someone plays in the playoffs as the absolute example of who is the better player. But Rondo does it every year. Look at the way he played against the Bulls in 08/09, averaging a monstrous triple-double and playing crazy defense, along with the way he played in the series that as lost to Orlando, and the way he played throughout the 2010 playoffs, and the way he played last year.
I think Rondo's a great player - no problem there. Rose obviously was dominating Rondo in his second year, he probably wasn't really better than Rondo just yet but he was a good jump shot away. Rose came back with a jump shot and also had the game's best tear drop along with being a premier penetrator in his MVP campaign. The year after the MVP he showed he improved his passing capabilities and didn't loose what he progressed with the year before. So unless Rondo really improved he can't be said to be better.
Rose has one season. If you want to see that one season as clear proof that Rose has more than Rondo, that's fine. I respect that. But it's hard to justify calling Rose the better player on the basis of that one season. It's the truth.
If Rose's game regressed the next year you have a point, but it didn't. It improved a bit but he was playing hurt. Rose's best quality is that he improves in some way every year he's in the league. That's what's so respected about him. His work ethic is top notch and you can see where he improved his game year by year.
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