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Default Re: Alvin Gentry and the Suns agree to part ways

Also how long have you been a Celtics fan? I have a lot of respect for Celtics fans that stuck with the team throughout the years they struggled compared to the ones that popped back out of nowhere when the "big 3" happened. I hate the Celtics, but I respect them lol. They're a good franchise for a reason, they make good decisions. TBH I don't HATE the Celtics, I'm just still bitter from all of the fights and spit spatting that kept going down between the Suns-Celtics every time they played a few years back(like Garnett punching Frye in the nuts... lmao) but that's part of the drama of basketball and one of the reasons I love the game.

Also there's the fact that the Celtics beat the Suns in the Suns first ever trip to the NBA Finals in 1976. It's a shame we lost to the Lakers in the WCF in 2010, really would have loved to see an NBA finals re-match.(30+ years late but still! lol) :P

My dad still has a lot of love for the Celtics though because he grew up in New England so he roots for the Celtics to win if they're not playing the Suns(just like he roots for the Patriots if they're not playing the Cardinals).

I havent been a Celtics fan as long as most of the Celtics fans on this board,

I'm currently 19, living in Sydney, Australia (Where I was born) Lived 4 years in Maine back when i was a kid, did'nt really play sport often. I've Been a Celtics fan since i was about 13, my dad was never really a basketball fan, (More of a soccer guy) so i actually grew up watching an Australian league (NBL), because it was hard to watch NBA on Australian TV been a fan of the C's since 2006, (Makes me sound like a little bit of a bandwagoner) but i really liked seeing Big Al's back to basket game and i was quite sad to see him go at the end of the season. After the 2007-8 championship, i really fell in love with the Celtics team Defense and have liked watching defensive orientated teams since.
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