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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by knickballer
I don't really wish pain on anyone but the ****er should be scared as shit and he needs to pay for his shit. Don't forget he and the two other people in this scandal did this shit before to one of their cousins.

It's one thing if he catfished a scumbag like Pacman Jones where it would be funny and justified but Teo seems like a good guy.

No it's not one thing if it were Pacman Jones. The losers involved in this should receive the same consequences regardless. What kind of twisted human being so you have to be to pull this off for so long? That clown should be scared and an ass whipping is in his future. I hope this hurts his career plans for now whatever he was deciding to do. It makes you wonder who else he did this or is doing this too? Doesn't even have to be this imaginary female he used. Pathetic. I wonder what the females look like? I have a stereotypical visual of them.
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