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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

I don't really care if Te'o was taken for a ride. His timelines still don't match up. He still blatantly lied to make the relationship seem like something it clearly wasn't

His only defense for not trying to visit at the hospital was "I dunno never crossed my mind, I was in school or something."

Except he CAN be placed in LA when she was supposedly in the hospital via his own twitter postings.

Again, THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, the woman he claims he spent 8 hours a day on the phone with, it just never crossed his mind to visit her at the hospital? Total bullshit.

Dude is full of shit. He played up the death for sympathy and its biting him in the ass. You can't trust jack shit coming from his mouth because he is a proven liar.

and people just slurping up ESPN and SIs spin on this is ridiculous. This whole he is a total victim crap is a farce. Regardless of when he knew, its still plain as day he has been lying his ass off about it for a long time.

Hell, even the statements from Notre Dame the other night contradict him. He says he didn't know she wasn't real until a couple nights ago? So the whole investigation ND says they did which they gave to the Te'o's weeks ago didn't prove to him she was fake? Really?

Do you realize how incredibly STUPID he would have to be for his version of events to be any kind of plausible? And that STILL does not get him around "tailoring" (ie LYING) about quite a few details involving the relationship.

The fact that he brought a lawyer and refused to be on camera is a huge red flag that he knows/knew more than he is letting on.

Originally Posted by Bano114
See I would be more inclined to believe he wasn't involved if it weren't for one simple thing.

Why did he never insist on video chatting with her? You know how easy it is to make a Skype account? iPhones/iPods are so common maybe they could have facetimed?

People expect me to believe that he felt so strongly about this girl yet he never suggested doing these things?

I think he was duped at first, figured it out and went along with it to boost his publicity. Alot of reports pin this guy as a real attention whore.

he actually has talked about Skyping with his parents before in interviews so its not like he doesn't know how to do it.
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