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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by kentatm
I don't really care if Te'o was taken for a ride. His timelines still don't match up. He still blatantly lied to make the relationship seem like something it clearly wasn't

His only defense for not trying to visit at the hospital was "I dunno never crossed my mind, I was in school or something."

Except he CAN be placed in LA when she was supposedly in the hospital via his own twitter postings.

Again, THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, the woman he claims he spent 8 hours a day on the phone with, it just never crossed his mind to visit her at the hospital? Total bullshit.

Dude is full of shit. He played up the death for sympathy and its biting him in the ass. You can't trust jack shit coming from his mouth because he is a proven liar.

Yeah, why aren't more people mentioning this? No way he wouldn't visit "the love of his life" as you said when she had leukemia. That was one of my first thoughts.

Also, after the phone call on December 6th, why mention her in interviews multiple times?

He may have gotten tricked at first, but it's clear that after a certain point, he played along publicly for sympathy as evidenced by him mentioning her after December 6th. Even so, something still doesn't add up about this, and that's why not visit her?

Oh, and Jack Swarbrick's crocodile tears had me laughing.
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