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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by knickballer
Flacco has alot of value and I'm almost certain they can get a top 10 pick for him and end up signing a QB like Alex Smith which would be a great way to revamp that team actually.

Wait, so you're suggesting a replacement of Alex Smith for Flacco would improve the Baltimore Ravens? Alex Smith will never live up to his # 1 selection (previous) expectations; and I think we've already witnessed Smith's ceiling, whereas we still haven't seen the best from Flacco, and Flacco is already a better QB (IMO).

Do you really think that change would improve that franchise? Baltimore has been one of the most consistent tournament-returning teams. Flacco has yet to miss the playoffs his entire career - two AFC Championship games! Yes, I'll be the first to admit their defense deserves the bulk of the credit, but their offense is slowly bridging the gap with the defense getting older combined with arguably a Top 3 back in the league and maybe not an elite QB, but one who just wins (excellent game manager who's capable of making the big play late in the game if needed).

I think Flacco is the perfect fit for the Ravens.
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