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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
There's actually no personality type or ideology that explains conspiracy theorists, it's basically a mental trap that is part of the human condition. We can all be paranoid to one degree or another. Also, our brains are literally wired to spot patterns, it's something that has helped us survive. Our brain actually produces dopamine when we spot a pattern....ever wonder why Bejewled or Tetris could occupy people for hours and hours?
Not that I disagree, just stating what I've seen during the years. After 9/11 the theory sites were filled with anti bush people, while those adamantly opposing theorists were almost exclusively GOP supporters. Now that Obama is in office I see almost the opposit. A perfect example is FOX news and their attacks on theorists, now that Obama is in office (actually when he was running) THEY become the theorists.

I also find the Tea Party as somewhat of an example. Pre-Obama some of the ideals that the tea baggers appear to represent would've been aligned with leftists with conservatives attacking them. Now it's almost the other way around.

Also find it very telling that Snopes was accused of being pro Bush when he was in office, now conservatives are stating that it has a pro Obama agenda, and that Soros is behind the site, while Liberals defend it.

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