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Default in a jam over craigslist..?

I've had problems with the Superdrive on my Macbook Pro (late 2008) almost from the beginning.

I recently acquired it over craigslist for what i thought at the time was a very reasonable price of $250, i had asked the guy numerous questions prior to making the purchase and everything seemed to check out okay, so I decided to go ahead and meet up with the guy, when we met up he even threw in a soft protective case which i thought i was extremely nice. However, there is one major problem..

The problem i'm having is that it selectively rejects CD's and DVD's for no apparent reason. I inserted a Wu cd yesterday, finally got it to mount, and saw the first three song titles in English and the rest in what appeared to be either Japanese or Korean.

I found a superdrive over ebay for around $45.00 and politely e-mailed the guy i had met over craigslist asking for $50.00 to cover the charges, he has yet to email me back..

am i being unreasonable? i realize that he was selling it for a good price however i feel because of my extensive questioning prior to meeting him that i should have been informed that the superdrive was not working properly. I feel like that's something hard to miss when you are preparing to sell a macbook.

I'm not sure if i should send him another e-mail in a few days if he still hasn't responded or if I should just let it go all together, i just don't feel like he was being very honest and upfront and that doesn't sit well with me, but it also could have been an honest mistake.
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