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Default Re: guy from craigslist is asking for some money back, advice?

Originally Posted by qrich
(1)Then your a hell of a person.

I'm fully for the buyer beware and I have been on both sides. (2)I mean, how do you know they didn't remove something and replaced it with a broken one and claim the one they purchased from you was broken? Losses would pile on.

1. Maybe. In the times that has happened, there was honestly something wrong with it that I wasn't aware of, or it was something minor enough I was able to still sell it to somebody else (even with giving the new buyers the warnings, as the OP could with this product).

2. I'd rather be the good guy in life and get screwed over (without knowing it) on the very rare occasion that somebody actually goes through those efforts than be somebody that gets skeptical about everybody because of the very random dick.
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