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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by Carbine
Flacco played well. He did his part, win or lose.

But in the end, it's a team game.

He didn't go out there and hold the highest scoring offense in the league and one of the highest ever to 13 points, did he?

It's most certainly a team game - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY - I commonly argue wins/losses and not stats like you do. You making the statement "it's a team game" respectively contradicts your typical arguments of a QB having a 5k yard season, 40 TD season, career QBR of 93%; because all of these things don't mean jack shit if you're not A: in the playoffs and B: going deep in the playoffs.

I can see Stafford having multiple 5k yard seasons throughout his career, but the Lions might miss the playoffs. So what's the value in that exactly?

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