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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
It's most certainly a team game - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY - I commonly argue wins/losses and not stats like you do. You making the statement "it's a team game" respectively contradicts your typical arguments of a QB having a 5k yard season, 40 TD season, career QBR of 93%; because all of these things don't mean jack shit if you're not A: in the playoffs and B: going deep in the playoffs.

I can see Stafford having multiple 5k yard seasons throughout his career, but the Lions might miss the playoffs. So what's the value in that exactly?

That doesn't make sense to me. How can you admit it's a team game, then say that is exactly why you argue wins/loses for QB's?

The QB can only do his part. If Flacco played awesome and didn't win because the rest of his team didn't make the plays, I wouldn't value Flacco any more or any less because of the outcome of the game.

Like last year. Flacco did his job vs. Patriots....but they lost. I valued his performance for what it was, not what the outcome of the game was.
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