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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
If Ravens win the SB Lewis HAS to go full on Pentecostal revival preacher and start handling live snakes at his post game presser sermon.

I figured that "God" comment would rub some people the wrong way or prompt some sarcastic remarks from normal humble atheists (such as yourself). I don't mean that to be offensive. I'm sure many fans watching around the league completely rolled their eyes, or said something to the effect of "OH BUT YOU'VE BEATEN A MURDER CHARGE YOU HYPOCRITICAL SON OF A BITCH! - LOL, whatever it takes to offset a comment or credit given to God. Simply doesn't sit well with some people.

If Ray Lewis or anyone else wants to give credit to God, or if a kicker, receiver RB or whomever wants to "point to the sky" after they achieve a field goal, then IMO, THANK GOD they're comfortable enough in their faith and love our Creator enough to not worry about your typical atheist (and I don't mean you, don't take it the wrong way) taking notice and being a smart ass, or even in some cases with more extreme atheists just being disgusted with what Ray Lewis had to say.
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