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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by STATUTORY
it was hard for the brothas to compete in that position when we weren't even allowed to drink from that fountain. With MLK day just a few hours away I would think you be more sensitive.
Sensitive to what? King getting shot 45 years ago somehow justifies you running your mouth and saying stupid shit just because you think it's pro-black? Your racist commentary is what really disrespects his memory and I am annoyed that you use the celebration of a great man's birthday as an excuse to be a stupid asshole.

People like you have this impression that the qb must be played in a certain way because it self serves the entrenchment of the classic 6ft4 white boy in the position. when in actuality mobile brothas can do what they do and MORE.
Don't you get tired of being stupid? Reading your post is like watching a Five Percenter try to analyze football. I'm not basing my opinion on race. Unlike you, I base my opinion on what works. That's why I asked how many of the last 50 SB winners didn't have a pocket passer at QB? You are trying to disregard what we've learned from the entire history of football because a mixed-race QB that himself would not be effective i he couldn't pass from the pocket is making a Superowl. Get over your stupid racist agenda and realize that the most important ability for a quarterback is the ability to pass.
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