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Default Re: Piers Morgan TRULY gets own in this one

Originally Posted by MMM
I don't disagree with this sentiment but when it is a "right to bear arms" then any change no matter how small will be argued as an infringement of rights even if it does not warrant such criticism.

Also what if responsible law-abiding citizens don't feel like they should jump through these hoops because of the irresponsible gun owners. As a result you might criminalize law abiding gun owners, I think most would want to avoid that. Overall the gun debate is a pretty muddy one and there are no easy answers especially considering how America's gun culture impacts it.

Ok, it appears that you actually do want to discuss this, so lets.

The bill of rights is over 220 years old, now, and most people only say it's a 'right' of theirs if something is being taken away. Most people usually say its their 'right' when they are caught doing something stupid.

That aside, let's talk about the LAC(law abiding citizen).

We test people for cars, why can we test them for guns? What does a law abiding citizen have to hide from a simple test? If they don't qualify, I'd assume they'd try to and then once they do they wouldn't want to **** that up.

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