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Default Re: Joe Flacco >>> "Matty Ice"

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I think Ryan in the better QB...and he IS the better QB

so simple mind ot declare a 87.7 rating passer is better than a 99.1 rated passer over 2 games that were played by entire teams, not just QBs.

also, Ryan isn't the only one with bad ass WRs in this debate, Boldin was amazing this year as was Torrey Smith. Pitta looks to be a solid TE, and Ray Rice is Ray Rice.

and I don't even have to mention the Bal D that held NE to 13 points today

I'm not strictly talking about wins and team success, I'm talking about how they actually played individually. Flacco destroys Ryan in terms of playoff performance. Not just in wins, but in just about every category.

Flacco playoff stats: 13 TD's and 8 INT's, 2,145 passing yards, 54% completion. 8-4 playoff record

Ryan playoff stats: 9 TD's and 7 INT's, 1,230 passing yards, 66% completion. 1-4 playoff record. Got smoked by GB at home, shut out by the Giants, and got shut out in the second half at home this year.

Flacco outplayed Tom Brady and Peyton in back to back games on the road. Matt Ryan has never outplayed the opposing QB in the playoffs. Even last week, I'd say Russell Wilson had a better game.

Like I said, regular season goes to Ryan, playoffs clearly go to Flacco.
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