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Default Re: Are You Disgusted By Fat People?

Originally Posted by Juges8932
Maybe you felt my post was condescending, but at least I actually addressed the topic and made points rather than result to petty insults without any clarification or presentation of your own argument to the subject.

You want to pat yourself on the back for making a shitty post in a shitty thread? Bravo.

As far as being a judgmental prick- that is ironic as Hell considering your one-liner to me in your first response. You don't know me or anything about me, yet you felt confident enough to respond in the manner that you did. That's as judgmental as it gets.

I responded to the content of your post. I saw ignorance and lazy generalizations and commented on it. You seemed to talk like you were acting all high and mighty about yourself there, so I thought I'd try to bring you back to reality a bit. I was calling a spade a spade. If you act delusional and childish then don't be surprised if someone calls you delusional and childish. That's as judgmental as it gets? Are you kidding me? If someone is acting like an ass and you call them an ass, then you're as judgmental as it gets?

If you've got time for TV, you've got time for the gym.

As I stated, many people find TV relaxing while they find going to the gym stressful. Also, there's plenty of things that can get in the way of going to the gym that aren't a problem for watching TV (maybe they have kids they have to watch, maybe they share a car with their spouse, maybe the gym is out of the way and a hassle to get to, etc...). There are other reasons and there's some who just flat out don't care.

Being too busy is really not an acceptable excuse for most of the people I know. Most of the excuses are really just that- convenient reasons that people use to justify to themselves that what they're doing (or not doing) is ok.

Well, maybe they have different priorities than you do.

As far as the gym adding more stress? How? Most of the people I know always talk about the gym being a stress reliever. They get to go and get out their frustrations for the day- they get exhausted and sleep through the night. Whether it's lifting weights, doing work on the punching bag, running a few miles, or whatever else.

Do you understand that not all people are the same?

As I said, there are a plethora of weaknesses out there. I'm sure I have plenty of signs that make people think I'm weak (it would be arrogant to think I don't).

A lack of tolerance is a fairly big weakness.

It's not like I'm going around and turning my nose up at every fat person I see. I hold doors open for fat people just like I would a normal-sized person. I smile and give the courteous head nod to them like anybody else. I say please and thank you just like to anybody else. I don't treat them any differently.

So, you just put them down behind their backs? Make fun of them with friends/gym buddies? What I got from your post was that you look at overweight people with disdain and you think you're better than them. Ever heard of empathy?
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