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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Falling Down

Surefire cult-classic, and a personal favorite of mine. I remember first watching this flick when I was in early middle-school, so I wasn't old enough to fully appreciate the movie for what it is/was - which was a B movie that would be clowned and frowned upon by critics - but eventually and ultimately solidifying itself as a highly adored, cherished, adventure ... that never seems to get old.

I probably overrate Falling Down and am probably a bit biased but I give it 8/10, easy.

This is my mom's favorite Douglas movie, hands down. The "brief case" scene gets an automatic laugh from her, no matter what.

Love and Basketball: 8/10

Sanaa Lathan looks literally like an angel in this flick. A competitive, jump shot shooting, charge taking angel, who's temper sometimes gets her in trouble on the basketball court. Omar Epps plays her love interest, who's also a baller himself, and the way they evolve as people throughout the movie with their respective families was really touching.

This movie's "style" had that "made for tv" feel at times, but the central story never really gets too complicated or thought provoking anyway. It just does a great job of handling black people and family life during the 80s as simply that; PEOPLE, who have ups and downs, and highs and lows like everyone else.
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