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Default Re: New teen gunman kills 5 people..

Originally Posted by bdreason
England, a country that has banned guns for 15 years, has both a higher crime rate, and higher violent crime rate per capita than the United States... which has the most guns per capita in the entire World.

Apparently taking guns from UK citizens didn't stop them from robbing, raping, and killing each other... considering the UK is also ranked as the most violent country in the EU.

2 things:

1) Has anyone ever argued that taking guns away is going to eliminate all crime?

2) Did the violent crime rate go up or down after the ban of guns?

I honestly don't know here, but your point is meaningless without context. If the UK's violent crime rate was 2x higher than the US's pre-game ban and is 1.5x higher now, that means the ban had an effect, and the UK could have been a more violent country in general all along.
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