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Default Re: New teen gunman kills 5 people..

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
2 things:

1) Has anyone ever argued that taking guns away is going to eliminate all crime?

2) Did the violent crime rate go up or down after the ban of guns?

I honestly don't know here, but your point is meaningless without context. If the UK's violent crime rate was 2x higher than the US's pre-game ban and is 1.5x higher now, that means the ban had an effect, and the UK could have been a more violent country in general all along.

I would love for this guns apologists to come up with stats of how many crimes are stopped by gun owners. Seriously, can someone post a link to some study on how many women weren't raped because they had a gun?

afaik criminals aren't all-seeing, afaik the only way they know someone have a gun is when they are pulled on them, so where's the stats of criminals being killed or just shot with guns?

I find it odd that ZERO information is given backing up the number 1 argument of the guns apologists, but someone they cant' stop bark on how crime is high in places with gun bans
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