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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

I'm not actually sure what you're definition of "couldn't be playing any better" is. but I looked up his last 10 games prior to the time you made that trade (Nov.25)
11/7 23/10/2/7/1
11/9 12/8/5/3

Which averages out to 11.5ppg (52.8%FG), 7.8rpg, 2bpg, 1.6apg, 1.1spg

Which is not exactly stellar to me. Not equaling his output from last year nor was it even his best month this year. So yeah I beg to differ on the "couldn't be better" statement. That's just another spin. Gamesmanship as you like to call it.

About the comment that Paul George "couldn't have been playing worse" well I was gonna post all those numbers too but anyone can look at them and see that was a flat out lie. Danny Granger had just gone out with his injury that month and Paul George was showing signs that he was primed to step into that role.

You even said this at the time.

Originally Posted by RapsFan

Rapsfan: Marcin Gortat, Gordon Hayward and Alonzo Gee

Funk: Al Horford, Paul George

Funk really wanted Gortat and needed depth badly. I was willing to move Gortat if I got an upgrade over Hayward. Gee not a flashy name, but a very solid fantasy player. Hayward not going to come off the bench forever and was playing well outside of a few games, another sneaky fantasy player.

I'm hoping Horford creeps back to career FT% and George continues his current play.

Unless i'm just mistaken and you were saying I hope he continues to play horribly. And Horford's numbers were SOLID as well, as you said other than FT% but he was only taking 3/game anyways. But definitely not the "couldn't be any worse" you claim.

Like I always say, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but don't post things that can easily be proven false.
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