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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Those videos suck. They try to manipulate you into buying into their bullshit, and it comes off quite hypocritical at times. He wants to call out the media for manipulating people? He's doing the same damn thing. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the people who made the videos made them to troll people.

The funny thing is the guy has been accused of both sides of the coin in that some have said his stories have been suspiciously too consistent while others have said he has been suspiciously inconsistent. To me, it looks like people are really reaching here. People get parts of a story wrong or parts of a story change all the damn time when people are telling them (and that's stories that aren't about rather chaotic events like that one).

There are pictures. The video tried to manipulate you to believe otherwise. There's pictures of various ambulances and such. Part of the video they showed was taken out of context (showing footage well after the event took place).

If you think Snopes half-assed it, then you can scroll down and look through the many sources they give, or you could watch this video:

I actually like that dude, have seen other of his vids. I agree that the hoax author does have an agenda (just like everybody does) and he jumped the gun made a video without doing thorough research in some instances and threw some wild assptions in others.

But this vid keeps citing a poster on reddit, asking us to believe him instead. While I can certainly see the points made, it still doesn't debunk the hoax video completely. It does cause a shadow of doubt on the hoax vid, but doesn't utterly debunk it.

This vid (along with the reddit poster he keeps citing) is also making as many assumptions as the hoax video. They both have their own agenda.

I believe some information on both sides. The debunker asks us to dig deeper and use more logic and don't jump in and fully commit to the hoax vid which I agree 100%.

But based on government history, I know that they've orchestrated and manipulated events to create a bias. They've been exposed for staging events repeatedly to simply and completely ignore.

Im sure there's people smarter and with more time on their hands already working on both sides of the hoax coming up with legit counters to everything along with new info. This story isn't 100% dead yet IMO.
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