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Default Re: New teen gunman kills 5 people..

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
What's meant by that statement is the gun was invented as a weapon to shoot and kill other living things. Whereas gun nuts like to use the car analogy, and talk about how many people die to drunken driving, etc. But the car was not invented to kill. It was invented to transport people, and people dying to them is a just a byproduct.

This is a logical fallacy. You're trying to conflate the intended use of a vehicle to the reason guns were invented.

Drinking and driving = improper and irresponsible use of a vehicle/alcohol.

Murder = improper and irresponsible use of a firearm.

Both have legitimate uses, and both are used for legitimate purposes 99.9999999% of the time. Whether or not they cause harm is dependent upon the person wielding the firearm or driving the vehicle under the influence.

Your argument is fundamentally flawed and has no basis on logic. Try again.
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