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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

For the record, here are the changes I am proposing and why.

1. 3 keepers

Been discussed at great lengths. Many people have complained about the talend in the pool. 52 keepers is a lot. Logical to reduce to 3. Puts less emphasis on keepers and more on the re draft. More trades to improve this year vs always for the future.

2. Bottom 3 GMs on possible demotion list

Hopefully avoid GMs tanking so early in the year. Fight to not be in bottom 3. Same as 1, more trades to improve this year.

3. Keep 1st rounders once instead of twice as per current system

Same rule for every round. Hopefully leads to some top guys being redrafted more often. Could even have an earlier trade deadline for first rounders.

Again if somehow these rules are benefiting me alone and not addressing a number of the GMs issues with the league, then please let me know.

As has been discussed many times, any rule that pre determines draft slot with our keeper format doesn't really work if looked at logically (is my opinion).
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