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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Actually, all I was saying was that maybe more than a few minor tweaks need to be made and that it wouldn't hurt to be more open to suggestion. I wonder how many more active participants you are going to request to leave due to wanting to rule with an iron fist.

I am not asking anyone to leave. Just stating the obvious that if they aren't happy with the league or my being commissioner, they are welcome to leave, something you've stated a few times with brwnman.

The league is in its 6th season, with a very high % of GM retention. We've made minor adjustments along the way in attempts to get as perfect a league as possible. This is no different. Some rules basically require a full league reset, which I don't think is necessary. All of a sudden saying no keepers in the top X rounds requires a reset as guys have built their teams a certain way. I don't think it's fair for FC to lose Durant, or bokes to lose CP, NoHandles to lose Lebron, if they have made deals to acquire them. Basically any rule change the impacts half the league negatively vs the other is a bad rule change. Maybe bad is the wrong word, but doesn't logistically make sense. If we all are impacted the same, it's doable.

I think the rule changes I'm suggesting isn't ruling with an iron they are all based on suggestions, complaints, comments made by league GMs over more then just the past month you've been in the pool.
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