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Default Re: 2k14 Wishlist?

  • Bring back trading block
  • Bring back the D-League
  • Expand trading to include future/protected draft picks, cash and trade exceptions
  • Introduce game attendance and let it have an effect on team morale. The attendance can also be affected by ticket prices which can be set by our owner based on his personality and how well/poorly the team is performing.
  • Introduce Amnesty clauses, sign and trades, partially guaranteed contracts and 10-day contracts.
  • Improve free agency. Make teams smarter and varied in their spending and the players they go after. I shouldn't see CP3 being signed by the Cavs and they have Kyrie be the 6th man or starting SG.

  • First thing is to allow multiple MyCareers. I don't know why this was changed, but we should be able to have multiple characters especially if we want to make backup files in case our team makes a dumb trade.
  • Add sliders. I've been asking for this for 2 years now. We need 3 sets: 1 for us, 1 for our teammates and 1 for the CPU.
  • Allow us to be drafted in the 2nd round or go undrafted and be signed as a free agent. We should also be able to play in the D-League as well.
  • Expand the free agency process. If we're a good player, teams should grease our palms as much as possible (a la LeBron James 2010).
  • Make new and better hairstyles. They've been terrible for years now. At least give us the ability to use hairstyles real players have. Like the James Harden Mohawk/Beard combo or Joe Johnson's crispy shape up.
  • Add new accessories like Addidas calf sleeves, Addidas knee sleeves,face masks, goggles and the knee sleeves that Kevin Durant was wearing last finals
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