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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by bokes15
^^ I understand and agree with your take on everything. I just think the first part of your post is very easy to do. The 2nd part is more complicated which is probably why RF is trying to figure out some rules to help things along to promote more competitiveness and more activity among the bottom managers.
Activity I don't really see as a problem. I can honestly say most if not all the managers are active in this league.

Competitiveness, well that's a different story. This side comes from the manager himself. I personally don't think a rule is going to 'encourage that. IMO Managers have to rid themselves of the ''I have to get good keepers and I'm ready to trade away the farm to get them'' mentality. I think having only 3 keepers might make a dent in that.
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