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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by daily

Yea yea this couple with Robbie Parker and the interview with the principle the day she was supposed to be dead has lead me to the conclusion that page was made prior to her death NO MATTER HOW MANY EXCUSES YOU GUYS TRY TO THROW OUT THERE.

If it is one anomalie, sure, you can say I am overreacting, but we are talking about multiple instances here.

You can give an excuse for each and every point, but if it happens over and over again, then a smart and logical mind will say to themselves those excuses might be bullsh*t, not just be oblivious to the many anomalies out there.

I bet you anything you would act like the same cop who let Jeffrey Dahmer go just because he said he didn't do it, and then when he kills another, you ask him the same thing, and he gives another excuse, and then it happens again, and you take his word for it ... excuse after excuses .. it doesn't matter how absurd.

You are simply content with whatever answer because you refuse to believe he did it. Horrible analogy but you get the point.

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