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Default Re: Guns don't kill people; violent people kill people

Originally Posted by miller-time
And how am I, an Australian and generally a good guy, any less free than you? I don't want a gun, and I more importantly don't feel the need to own one. And that is where I think the issue is. It isn't whether you need one or not, it is the fact that so many Americans feel the need to own one. There needs to be a change in Americas gun culture, as much as their needs to be a change in both gun reform and dealing with mental health problems. And I don't see how maintaining the status quo is doing anything to reduce the perceived need of owning a gun?

Just factually you are less free in terms of your ability to own a gun. Whether or not you want one, or if people need one, is a different argument.

Does America have a gun culture problem? Let's just say we do for the sake of argument. Just me personally, I don't feel that the answer to that comes from law. The only role the state should serve in addressing gun culture is removing laws, like the drug war, which feed into it.

I think it's societies role to fix itself. If America has a gun problem, we need to look at ourselves and figure it out. I think laws introduce unnecessary complication into the issue. For instance, America's attitudes and tolerance towards gay people has changed drastically. That was largely a cultural thing. If there's truly a gun problem, I think the best solution does not come from Congress.
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