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Default Re: Guns don't kill people; violent people kill people

Originally Posted by joe
I think this bolded sentence represents what I see as the progressive blind spot on this topic. The notion that there's a practical way to limit rogue psychopaths in society, acting alone with a vicious intent to kill. To me, amping up gun regulations, even banning guns, will have very little effect on this. And in trade, you lose a massive amount of liberties and open the pandoras box of Washington DC's reach.

A massive amount of liberties? Unless you are a gun shop owner or hunt deer for a living, I doubt you'll be losing a 'massive amout of liberties'.

Originally Posted by joe
They'll find guns to use, legal or illegal, if they want them. And if there's no guns, they'll use a car. Or a knife. Will we ban all of those things? Where is the line?

So essentially you are saying there is no way to enforce a ban on guns? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's the 'practical' side of your argument?
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