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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Zero Dark Thirty - 8.5/10

Very well done film. I was actually born in Abbottabad and have been back many times, the latest being in 2010. They did a great job of portraying Pakistan, even though it was filmed in India for those parts. Some small parts were inaccurate like which language was being spoken in Abbottabad and also that it's more like a 3 hour drive from Islamabad to Abt, not 45 minutes lol.

The shootings in Khobar, Saudi Arabia in the film are also very real and I remember living in Saudi at the time when that happened. Our compound's American population took a nosedive as everyone moved their families out.

Jessia Chastain was breathtaking. Freaking gorgeous but cold blooded at the same time.

As for the torture, I like how this exposes the CIA a bit to the general public. The water boarding was hard to watch, but it was necessary. The whole rhetoric of being the country of moral stature and freedom is really all bullshit from the government. I don't believe that a whole lot has changed either since Obama's come into power. Sure it's harder but Americans torture and kill people around the world every single day...and the general populace is clueless to it all.

Couldn't help but also think that this whole mess that has ensued in the middle east is very much in part because the U.S. has put itself in a position to make these lunatics want to attack them. Afghanistan and Iraq have to be two of the most embarrassing campaigns in military history for a superpower nation.

Good film overall. Freaking idiots were laughing at the most serious when the family inside the compound were being shot...or when the guy was like "Osamaaa" as he was looking for him. Shameless uncultured and misinformed American youth
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