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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
Yup. This is the same problem I am trying to address. It seems like the anti-conspiracy nuts are using every logical deception at their disposal to discard the anomalies:

LOL, you're so defensive that this is the bullshit you're now reduced to? Calling people who don't buy into a lack of compelling evidence nuts? People who aren't manipulated by shitty videos are the nuts? You're full of shit and I can see why you buy in so hard (while pretending you're merely asking questions).

Above all, it is so stupid how they fail to see the many anomalies and ask themselves there might be more than what they are being told.

What are all the anomalies? Just because you don't want to believe the explanations doesn't make them anomalies. What is not being told? I'd love to hear if there's something actually there. So, what is it?

First, there is a motive in all of this; second there are supporting evidences of child actors

Where is the evidence?

third, there are instances of facebook comments and pages that were created prior to the deaths of the people

It's been explained to death but you refuse to listen. And, what comments? I haven't seen a single comment from any of those facebook pages that looks like it was made before the shooting.

in fact, there was an interview of the principle in the newspaper on the day she was supposed to be dead (which all got conveniently deleted afterwards).

Because errors are never made in chaotic situations, right? What, you think that Newspaper is also in on the conspiracy and they're so dumb that they forgot the principal was killed? What is their role in it then?

media is incompetent

LOL, I bet you say it is incompetent when it's convenient for you to do so, and if you think the media never makes errors, then you're a fool.

everyone acts differently in a crisis although

They don't? Have you ever been in one?

conveniently, all of the stage actors acted the same (no real emotions, no tears, staged lines, etc).

WTF? They showed tears and real emotions. You're just continuing to make things up here.

You can't win with these idiots because they already have their mind set that such a thing can't ever happen and they will find every logical deceptive use of language to convince themselves and others.

Hmmm, looks like something you're saying to yourself here, so let's move on.

My official position is this: if you have 1 anomalie and maybe a couple more, sure, you can explain those away if they were circumstantial, but c'mon, we have over 10 anomalies, I mean, in a court of law, with that many contradiction in the official statement of the defendant it would be logical to conclude he is lying no matter how many excuses he tries to counteract with the accusation.

Your official position is that you're pushing some sort of stupid agenda here.

It is like these nuts are willing to take whatever explanation pulled out of anyone's a*s as fool proof it is correct even if it is dumb as sh*t.

You're getting desperate. Your whole post was just rather sad...
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