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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by dd24
Never did I say the players don't deserve some of the blame. Go read through my posts. I did say they need to step up. The problem is when you play for a coach that doesn't motivate you, and has a system that nobody believes in, then you probably aren't going to play your best. You can't honestly believe that with the talent on this team the majority of this is on the players. Hell, Kurt Rambis was on ESPN radio (the Herd) this morning and even said it's not necessarily on the players. By watching a game, understanding players strengths and weaknesses, you can clearly see they aren't being used correctly. Even Kobe Bryant agrees with me!!!!!! Read what he just said. He said he doesn't like where he's getting the ball. It's not working to his strengths. He doesn't like how Pau or Dwight is being used. He doesn't believe they're letting Nash do what he's best at. And you know what??? He's absolutely correct. A good coach takes the players he's given, designs a system to their strengths, and tries to get them to improve on their weaknesses in practice. He doesn't force them into a system (which we've all bashed for years long before he was a Laker anyway) and make them do things they just aren't good at and aren't going to be good at. This isn't even a debate. The Lakers have the best SG, the best C, another one of the best big men, one of the best PG's, and a solid SF. I'm certainly not putting the majority of the blame on guys who were proven to get it done before. I'm atleast glad Kobe has finally spoken out. That might actually lead to some change.

Nash? You mean the guy that's almost forty that wasn't playing more than 20 minutes a game before he came to the Lakers? Best C in the league? Many would disagree with you. With the exception of San Antonio, who will probably choke in the playoffs like they always do, take a look around the NBA and see what the every good team has. Young players. The Lakers are old.
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