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Default Re: I have details about my personal life that i'd like to share with the OTC Community.

I've been around 3 situations that had terminal illnesses. The main thing to focus on is celebrate life. In 2 of those situations they've outlasted the expected end date by a significant time. I'd bet my last dollar that being around the love and positive energy slowed the progression of the disease. This time frame also allows to help come to terms and accepting the fate. Both situations the family had an easier time letting go. One was my sister-in-laws dad and the other was my friend's husband.

In the third situation (and this is where your belief in miracles fit in) my wife's brother's wife had bone marrow cancer. Before my brother-in-law married her, she was diagnosed with this disease before they even dated and proclaimed terminal. As they were very close friends he stayed by her side to help her deal with the situation. They did fall in love and to give her a dying wish he proposed to her. About a year before they got married miraculously a donor was found for a marrow transplant. They put aside the wedding to go through the procedure. Against all odds the transplant was accepted by her body and they were able to continue and get married. She's now 6 years a survivor and very healthy. Like in the above situation I bet love had given her strength to endure

Having said that, make every minute count
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