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Default Re: New school shooting in Houston..

Originally Posted by andgar923

That's the excuse the gun nuts typically use.

Uh… if there was stricter gun laws some of these guns wouldn't be obtained, legally or illegally. It will only make it harder to obtain and then to traffic.

YES the illegal black market will exist, but it will become harder for criminals to obtain them.

And NO, not all guns obtained by gangs are illegal. I've known plenty of people that obtained them legally.

What a dolt you are. If you want to remove the guns that are "illegally owned", then you have to remove guns all together. That will never happen. Just like you can never remove all knives, axes, spears either. The mind of the criminal is set on committing a crime whether a weapon is used or not. There are plenty of shootings that go unreported where there are NO fatalities. Are you telling me that if stricter gun laws were in place, that the perp or perps aren't going to use something else to instill harm?? You are delusional then.
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