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Default Re: New school shooting in Houston..

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
What a dolt you are. If you want to remove the guns that are "illegally owned", then you have to remove guns all together. That will never happen. Just like you can never remove all knives, axes, spears either. The mind of the criminal is set on committing a crime whether a weapon is used or not. There are plenty of shootings that go unreported where there are NO fatalities. Are you telling me that if stricter gun laws were in place, that the perp or perps aren't going to use something else to instill harm?? You are delusional then.

Are you saying that there are other weapons or tools perps can use that are AS effective as guns? Guns facilitate fear and death far quicker than anything else. Guns are also popular because they are easy to use and create distance between the victim and the attacker. What else gives you that sort of control and range?
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