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Default Re: New school shooting in Houston..

Originally Posted by miller-time
Are you saying that there are other weapons or tools perps can use that are AS effective as guns? Guns facilitate fear and death far quicker than anything else. Guns are also popular because they are easy to use and create distance between the victim and the attacker. What else gives you that sort of control and range?

There's money in Guns. There's an underlying allure that some of us are blind to or fail to admit. In today's gangster culture, having a gun is synonymous with power and with having the upper hand even though these clowns get busted way before they can even use one. Guns are in music, movies, books, video games. Yet somehow we can't seem to make the disconnect from what is art, and what is reality. Yes, the symbolic usage of a gun in movies and music and comic books is purely art.

I think the question we Americans should be asking is why do we need a gun in the first place? How can we curb this almost instinctive reason to own a gun? Everyone has their own reason, but there is no real concrete reason that outweighs the other. How can we honestly answer that question, feel safe about our society around us, and yet still keep our rights. And that's the real reason I have beef with this. Quit looking at the Constitution and finding loopholes to take away or limit certain rights. I think Liberals are politicizing the hell out of this when this day and age pales in comparison to the days of the Wild Wild West or during the era of Prohibition where there was a popular gangster in every corner of the country.
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